No matter where you are or in which season - hot desert or during the coldest winter - the original Rohloff Speedhub twist shifters work always and smooth!  With Rohloff Speedhub you are able to shift while pedaling or standing and waiting for the green traffic light. You will always be with the right gear. 

The principle of Rohloff Speedhub shifter

The twist shifter works with two shift cables. 
When the twist shifter is rotated forward (direction gear #14), than the rear shift cable 14 is pulled.
When the twist shifter is rotated backward (direction gear #1), than the front shift cable 1 is pulled. 
The indexing of the shifting lies not in the twist shifter as with common designs, but inside the hub. There is no wear on the indexing system nor need to adjust it. 

The twist shifter is included in every original SPEEDHUB 500/14 package. Because the engagement of the gears is controlled within the hub itself, the shifter needs no other form of indexing. For this reason, the twist shifter can be mounted on either side of the handlebars. The twist shifter allows a quick shifting between all gears in just one turn. The new shifter comes with approx 80 grams (approx. 30g lighter than before). It is suitable for carbon handle bars. The new Rohloff Speedhub lightweight shifter replaces the former standard shifter. 



Rohloff Speedhub Lightweight Shifter 

Picture Rohloff Speedhub lightweight twist shifter

Rohloff is - again - a step ahead!

The new lightweight shifter is available in two versions.
The lefty for the left handed people and a righty one for right handed people
We love them. Picture: Big grins! - We love Rohloff


Rohloff twist shifter can be ordered. Order now!:

Part-No. Description:
8206 Twist shifter "light" (righty)
8207 Twist shifter "light" (lefty)
8190 Rubber grip for twist shifter "light"
8191 Twist shifter cable stoppers 1 and 14 for twist shifter "light"
8192 TX20 screws for clamp for twist shifter "light"
8193 TX20 screws and clamp for twist shifter "light"
8194 Cable pulley for twist shifter "light"


The former standard twist shifter and parts are still available. Order now!:

Part No. Description:
8200 Twist shifter (120g)
8201 Grip rubber
8202 Cable stoppers left and right
8203 2 Torx bolts (for cable stoppers)
8204 Clamp screws
Picture Rohloff Speedhub twist shifter

Rohloff Speedhub shifter for drop bars by Mittelmeyer

Picture: Rohloff Speedhub Shifter from Mittelmeyer for drop bars

You can mount the Rohloff Speedhub also in your Randoneur, Road Race- , Cyclocross-, Trekking- or Touring Bike. 
There is a Rohloff Speedhub shifter for drop bars available.
Mittelmeyer in Germany manufactures a suitable shifter for 24mm drop bars!

This Rohloff Speedhub drop bar shifter must be ordered directly.

Picture: Rohloff Speedhub Shifter from Mittelmeyer for drop bars in pieces

Rohloff Speedhub shifter by Tune

Rohloff Speedhub Shifter by Tune Germany

Pimp your Speedhub shifter!
The new Tune Rolff-1 Rohloff Speedhub shifter. 
Tune offers this lightweight shifter body with only 22 grams (w/o grip rubber). Compatible with the original Rohloff "light" shifter.
Can be mounted on carbon handle bars. Available in different colors.