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Schmidt is our supplier for quality bicycle dynamo hubs, bicycle head lights and head light holders. 

Schmidt‘s Original Nabendynamo (SON) serial production started in 1995, together with a Lumotec halogen head light equipped with reliable switch and quality cable. 

Since then, SONs have become constantly smaller, more lightweight and smooth-running. In 2002, the durability was considerably improved by introducing a pressure compensation system, which prevents ingress of water. 

Further rapid development of LED-technology enabled Schmidt's recent success: The SONdeluxEdelux light system has received the German legal mark of conformity. It is a light system that produces more light with less physical effort than any dynamo light system built so far. 

Hub dynamos

Hub dynamos are meanwhile so common, that their benefits on the bicycle don't need to be explained anymore. Even road racers, cyclo crossers and mountain bikers started to use them in conjunction with a USB charging device and/or bright and powerful LED head light(s). Heavy and environmentally unfriendly battery or accumulator powered head lights are not necessary anymore. 

Attention! - A simple hub dynamo brings you more disadvantages than benefits. They are heavy, the mechanical power consumption (losses) is high and the ball bearings are cheap. If such hub dynamo gets a defect, the repair costs are high. Therefore we suggest to invest money rather in quality than  the cheap ones. 

Schmidt's original hub dynamos meet exceptional demands. Weight and power consumption are parameters that can be easily measured. The life cycle of the high quality deep groove ball bearings up to 50.000km is no issue for an accurately designed front hub, nor are there any other mechanical parts subject to regular wear and tear in gearless hub dynamos. 

But saturation may be an issue. Due to underpressure resulting from differing temperatures water may intrude even well-sealed parts of a bicycle. Sooner or later corrosion or freezing will cause damage in a hub dynamo. Until 2001 such damages caused by water were quite frequent. Then in 2002 Schmidt solved the problem: ever since a smart pressure compensation system is integrated in all SON hub dynamos and retrofitted into all repairs. For this reason Schmidt gives 5 years of warranty on all the different types of models. 

Front of Ullmann Magistrale commuting bike with red SON 28 and red Edelux LED head light.

Head lights

20 years ago, Schmidt laid the foundation to modern bicycle lighting systems with their first gearless hub dynamo. The head lamps were back then only sideline equipment. 
Schmidt then supplied standard headlights with a switch (due the constantly running hub dynamo) and a high-quality, two-pole connection cable. 

Meanwhile, head light technology underwent radical changes. High quality LED head lights provide five times more light than the former halogen lamps, elaborate mirrors (reflectors) distribute this light perfectly on the road. 

Their LED headlights Edelux I and Edelux II rank first in this development. 

Cockpit with mounted red SON Edelux I and red SON Edelux II and Deluxe short and long handlebar mount.