1. Heikki is getting ready for the summer tour 2015

    Heikki Siivari

    Heikki's summer tour 2015 will start a little bit later than usual. He is leaving Ikaalinen - Finland on Monday morning, July 13th, 2015. This summer tour will also end later, as he says:  'I should be back in Finland in the end of September, October but I might also stay one month...

  2. Heikki Siivari's story of Jukola relay weekend 2015 online

    Heikki Siivari smiling.

    Heikki wrote about his feelings during the bike trip from Joensuu to Paimio and back, and about the participation at Jukola relay 2015.  Who else would cycle amazing 951km just to be able to run 15.8km at the orienteering relay?  Heikki Siivari is not only an ultra distance runner, but...

  3. Server Down - websites not reachable from 4.-5.07.2015

    "Murphy's law"... - All data storage devices of the web server crashed. The problem solving is in full progress. Our websites can be reached again since this morning (6.7.2015). Still, some error patterns may appear during the next days.  We're working on it. 

  4. Heikki Siivari cycles 550km one way to take part at Jukolan Viesti run in Paimio, Finland.

    Heikki Siivari on tour with his Ullmann Magistrale.

    Today, on Friday, we called Heikki Siivari to ask if he will be in Sauvo tonight or tomorrow.He laughed and said, "I won't make it today. It will be tomorrow afternoon. I started in Joensuu (approx. 550 km from Sauvo, on the other side of Finland) very late, at 2.30 p.m.. I'will be riding all...

  5. Power Station V4 available, also for testing

    Ullmann Power-Station V4

    The Power-Station V4 is available. You can purchase this effective USB charging device online or with the bike shops mentioned below. They have the Power-Station V4 also "ready to plug" in their show rooms. There you have the possibility to test the Power-Station V4 by connecting it...

  6. Power-Station V4 available soon

    Ullmann Power Station motherboards and casing.

    Motherboards and casing for the latest generation of Power Station - the V4 - arrived. The Power Station will be hand made in Sauvo - Southwest Finland. We should be able to start manufacturing by the end of March. If the schedule matches the plan, the devices, which are already...

  7. Oil of Rohloff Refill Stations & Logo

    Logo Oil of Rohloff refill station.

    As you probably already know, many people say, that the Oil of Rohloff is the best oil to lubricate the bicycle chain and to enhance the lifespan of the drive train. It is also known to be environmentally friendly. The Rohloff Special Chain Lubricant comes in a 50ml plastic bottle, which can be...

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