Rohloff Speedhub E-14 with Bosch Smart System + ABS

The Rohloff ‚E-14‘ electric shifting system will be compatible with the Bosch BES 3 Smart System, as of MY2024.

Rohloff Speedhub E-14 shifting with ABS brake disc
Rohloff Speedhub E-14 with ABS brake disc.

This BES 3 compatibility now also opens the door for the optional, simultaneous use of eShift with ABS.

Both, motor and (...)

We mourn the loss of Bernhard Rohloff

It is thanks to his ingenuity that gearbox equipped bicycles were also able to establish themselves in the field of sporting use, and have since been portrayed anew, as innovative and stylish products.
Bernhard Felix Rohloff, who was suffering from Parkinson's disease, died peacefully and unexpectedly on Friday, May 19, 2023 at the age of 73.

"Bernie" (...)

Chris Petermann @ Bike Station Split 22-10

Christoph Petermann, a bike traveller from Germany, anounced his coming already a couple of weeks ahead, because he realised that his bicycle was in the need of some serious loving. On this way he wanted to make sure, that we have all possibly required spare parts available and time to serve him.
Especially his wheels were asking for a complete rebuild.
He wanted to spend some time in Split to meet with friends and to take the opportunity for some classical touristic sightseeing. (...)

Converted GT Corsa Two model year 2013

Successful liberation of a GT Corsa 2 from the expensive derailleur drivetrain-system.
The customer has heard about the reliability of a Rohloff Speedhub and the small amount of maintenance it requires. He contacted us to convert his GT towards the performant Rohloff internal gear hub and asked us for some more modifcations.
He was (...)

New album: Marin Hawk Hill 1990s mountain bike youngtimer

This "Youngtimer" Marin Hawk Hill mountain bike comes with an interesting history.
First it got upgraded.
Then it got converted.
And then it got rebuilt again.

Marin Hawk Hill and Magura HS33 and Ryde Andra 30 CSS


The mountainbiker purchased this Marin Hawk Hill brand (...)

New album: Spoke neck length

To make the right choice and find the proper bicycle spoke is today more important and maybe more difficult than before.

New Hope Bulb with new DTSwiss model year 2016.

For example, some cyclists think that a standard DTswiss DT Competition from the year 2000 (...)

New album: Pelago Stavanger metallic Randonneur

We have converted a Pelago Stavanger Commuter for a customer in the Helsinki area (Finland), into a shiny, fast rolling randonneur bicycle.

Converted Pelago Stavanger.

New album: Ullmann Magistrale touring

We have built this chic Ullmann Magistrale on demand for a customer in Middle Finland.


The cyclist was looking for a comfortable ride which should be (...)

Bike Station Community pages online

Bike Station gallery and blogs are published.

Pictures will find their place in the albums step-by-step.
We start with the Custom Station album and with the Wheel Station album.

In the first albums you can see some of our (...)

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