Chris Petermann @ Bike Station Split 22-10

Christoph Petermann, a bike traveller from Germany, anounced his coming already a couple of weeks ahead, because he realised that his bicycle was in the need of some serious loving. On this way he wanted to make sure, that we have all possibly required spare parts available and time to serve him.
Especially his wheels were asking for a complete rebuild.
He wanted to spend some time in Split to meet with friends and to take the opportunity for some classical touristic sightseeing. (...)

New album: Spoke neck length

To make the right choice and find the proper bicycle spoke is today more important and maybe more difficult than before.

New Hope Bulb with new DTSwiss model year 2016.

For example, some cyclists think that a standard DTswiss DT Competition from the year 2000 (...)

New album: Pelago Stavanger metallic Randonneur

We have converted a Pelago Stavanger Commuter for a customer in the Helsinki area (Finland), into a shiny, fast rolling randonneur bicycle.

Converted Pelago Stavanger.

New album: Ullmann Magistrale touring

We have built this chic Ullmann Magistrale on demand for a customer in Middle Finland.


The cyclist was looking for a comfortable ride which should be (...)

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