Heikki Siivari

Heikki Siivari

Born in 1984 in Finland.

Geography student from the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu. 

Hobbies: long distance runs (also ultra distance), cross country skiing, cycling and hiking (winter and summer). 

He contacted us in 2011 and asked for a helping hand to prepare his bike for the trip in 2012. Here you can see his upgraded Rossano Touring 105 trekking bike. 

He chose Ullmann Magistrale trekking bike for his summer tours 2013 - 2016. 

His motto:

Yesterday is history - tomorrow is mystery - present is a gift. 

Heikki began touring cycling in 2007 with a two week journey in Austria. He felt straight away that touring cycling was his “thing”. The beautiful landscape with snow peaked mountains and great cycling routes had strong effect on him. Since his two weeks journey in Austria he cycled every summer. This is now how he spends his summer holidays.  

Touring cycling combines travelling and hiking, which fits nicely to a geography student like Heikki. He says: When travelling by bike you can sense the environment around you with all your senses. Also cycling is relatively fast and you can travel various routes and tracks. Travelling by bike is environmental friendly way and you don’t produce any greenhouse gas.  

After Austria he had cycled in different parts of Finland, northern Norway and Sweden. In summer 2011 he made his dream come true and pedaled in 99 days across 20 countries in Europe. His journey was more than 14.500 km long! 

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