Wheel Station

Lord of the rims

Truing stand and professional tools of Bike Station Finland for hand build wheels.

We build quality hand-made-to-order wheels.

Perfect results can only be achieved by investing time, patience, experience and working with precise tools.

We are specialized in particular in wheel buildings with Rohloff Speedhubs and SON hub dynamos.

Bike Station wheels have gained recognition amongst demanding riders as well as every-day cyclists who want to enjoy a frustration-free bicycle life.

Please visit the Wheel Station picture gallery to see a selection of our custom built-to-order wheels and get in touch with us when you are looking for a reliable wheel or wheelset for your current or future bike!



Centrimaster Tensioner
Wheel Station with Centrimaster Tensioner and Centrimaster Tensiometer.

The Centrimaster Tensioner is a measuring system for calibrating tensiometers.  

With this measuring device we ensure that our tensiometer is always calibrated with the current spoke model we work with and our handmade wheels rotate on a high level.