Wheel Station

Lord of the rims

Truing stand and professional tools of Bike Station Finland for hand build wheels.

We hand build quality custom made-to-order wheels.

Hours are invested to build with highest diligence and urge to ultimate perfection your dream wheel. 

For the rear wheel we recommend Rohloff Speedhub internal gear hubs

In the front wheel we recommend Hopetech or the solid SON hub dynamos. With such a reliable hub dynamo, you will be able to power your head light or, with the use of the Power Station, also a GPS, smartphone, power bank, battery charger...

Perfect results can only be achieved by investing time, patience, experience and high quality tools. 

We work with precision tools: 

  • the truing stand, the tensiometer and the pre-press device come from Centrimaster 
  • the nipple driver, the nipple clamping screwdriver and the nipple wrench come from Sapim
  • the hexagonal nipple key is from Wiha 
  • and from P&K Lie is the nipple wrench, which is used for the fine- and final-alignment 

At the end we have a high-quality wheel, which should be so solid build, that the spoke tensions are homogeneous, the radial and axial run-out best possible. 

The afterwards elsewhere common re-trueing is not necessary anymore. 

Especially travellers, commuters, fat- and/or mountain bikers appreciate our reliable and durable wheels. 


Please visit the Wheel Station picture gallery to see a selection of our custom built-to-order wheels. 



Centrimaster Tensioner
Wheel Station with Centrimaster Tensioner and Centrimaster Tensiometer.

The Centrimaster Tensioner is a measuring system for calibrating tensiometers.  

With this measuring device we ensure that our tensiometer is always calibrated with the current spoke model we work with and our handmade wheels rotate on a high level.