Rohloff HG-Check

Picture: Rohloff HG-IG-Check on Shimano sprocket

Cog wear indicator for Shimano Hyperglide (HG) sprockets

Rohloff developed the HG-Check tool to be able to quickly determine the condition of Shimano HG cassette sprockets. The tool will indicate when the cogs are on the verge of being too worn out, therefore preventing chain skipping. Cassette cogs should be checked before long trips or before replacing a chain to determine if the new chain will skip on the old cogs. 

This new HG-Check comes now with a mounted Shimano chain and replaces the former HG-IG-Check.

Please note: You don't need this tool when cycling with Rohloff Speedhub

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Part No. Description:
3100 Rohloff HG-Check