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Following text we copied and pasted from the MAGURA home page - there is nothing to add as we share the same thoughts

"In the Gulf of Mexico our planet is experiencing one of the worst man made catastrophes of all time. Who is to blame? A negligent oil multinational? Aren’t we all to blame or at least those of us who use their cars even on their 5 km daily commute to work? A car driver travelling such short stretches alone represents the worst case scenario for energy efficiency.

On the other side of the coin a vehicle invention made almost two centuries ago allows the user to achieve around 80 % energy efficiency enabling travel with less energy input than anything seen previously. The success of this invention is very much alive and well in today’s world: the bicycle.

MAGURA accepted the challenge many years ago to improve the interface bet-ween man and machine. This is evident in the range of high tech componentry which transforms your bicycle into the perfect riding machine, offers quality which lasts whilst retaining simple basic ideas as the development platform. You know how great it is to have the perfect bike under you.

The fascinating feeling of converting your own muscle-power into distance travelled. With the energy created at the breakfast table converted into wind in your face. The landscape experienced in all its faces without polluting it with exhaust fumes.

Be a part of the Passion People, ride your bike, invest in long lasting MAGURA components – they have been dreamed up, designed, produced and marketed by people who share your spirit."