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Hope Sattelstütze Carbon 27.2mm | Ellip Rails

Carbon Seatpost 27.2 x 350mm - Ellip Rails - Black
Auswahl zurücksetzen 27.2mm, Ellip Rails
UK manufactured Carbon seat post, light enough for Road and XC use and strong enough for DH.

Key Features

- 100% designed, tested and manufactured in Barnoldswick, England
- High strength carbon fibre construction with aircraft grade aluminium seat rail clamps
- Smooth internal surface finish removes any unnecessary resin rich areas to minimise weight
- Varying wall sections to optimise weight and areas of high stress concentrations
- Same ultra-fine seat rail adjustment as tried and proven on previous ‘Eternity Seatpost’
- Available in Ø27.2mm x 350mm, Ø30.9mm x 400mm and Ø31.6mm x 400mm
- Weights: 27.2 185g// 30.9 & 31.6 220g
- 15mm layback

"Stiff, light and strong Carbon Seat Post"

Carbon Seat Post Tech Specs

Each seat-post employs 24 individual ‘plies’ of carbon, pre-impregnated with a highly toughened epoxy resin system, designed to ensure a safe and rugged unit.
The bulk of the laminate comprises Unidirectional T700 fibre – the highest strength Standard Modulus fibre available. (Unidirectional fibres provide the maximum tensile strength and stiffness with minimum weight.)
This is combined with strategically positioned plies of 3K twill woven fabric, adding hoop strength to resist clamping forces and mitigating failure mode in the event of serious crash damage.
The 1K 2x2 twill weave fabric outer ply, also contributes in this respect together with a super smooth finish and striking visual aesthetic.

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