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No matter which bike you drive – with us, you will find the right chain for every bike type: durable, corrosion resistant and fully compatible with all customary Shimano*, Campagnolo*, SRAM* and Rohloff* component systems.
All chains are thoroughly tested in Germany right down to every last rivet and pin - with one exception, the only remaining KMC chain in our assortment.

We offer you high-performance chains for racing bikes and mountain bikes using various derailleur component systems and provide superior shifting properties.
The Connex bicycle chain range includes reinforced or particularly robust bike chains for current e-bike, pedelec types and heavy-duty-bikes.
Single-speed/fixie-riders will also find resistant Connex chains which stand up to all weathers on-road and off-road.
Connex offers also various chains for trekking bikes and city bikes which also provide excellent wear resistance.

Heiiki Siivari rode his summer tour 2012 with a Connex chain on his Rohloff Speedhub and the Rohloff chain tensioner DH Shory - and during these 83 days he cycled with it over 15.000 trouble free km.
* registered trademark

Connex 1xx = wide single speed or igh (internal gear hub) chains
Connex 7xx = narrow single speed or igh (internal gear hub) chains for hubs such as a Rohloff Speedhub
Connex 700, Connex 708 and Connex 7Z1 are also 5-, 6- and 7-gear derailleur chains.
Connex 8xx = narrow 6-, 7- and 8-gear derailleur chains as well as narrow single speed chains and narrow igh chains for hubs such as a Rohloff Speedhub.
Connex 9xx = 9-speed derailleur chain
Connex 10xx = 10-speed derailleur chain
Connex 11xx = 11-speed derailleur chain
Connex 12xx = 12-speed derailleur chain

Connex chains which include the letter "e" in the type name = e-bike and pedelec bicycle chain

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* sis. ALV, lisät. toimituskulut